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Originally Posted by Ken300D View Post
I just clicked on the other thread link. That is a reasonable price for the car - hope you got a good one.

My brother has a 92 2.5 and it is a very nice car with good fuel mileage. I never considered the possibility that water could be forced into that side intake, but that sort of thing happens a lot around standing water. There should be one or more drain holes somewhere in the air cleaner container and you wouldn't want them to be blocked. I'll mention this to my brother when I get the chance.

Good Luck on the drive,

There is a drain with a short hose in the bottom of the airbox. It's a pretty big pipe so it probably is hard to clog...mine is wide open, and it hasn't been cleaned in 109k miles. Even with the drain clogged, I don't think the engine could suck water up the intake because it would fill up the bottom of the airbox and start overflowing out the louvers on the fender. The engine sucks air from the highest point of the airbox which is higher than the intake on the fender. Out of the airbox, a rubber flex pipe makes the 90 degree bend through the second firewall down to the turbo.

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