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If the clutch clearance has increased for whatever reason, the clutch may slip, the comparator signals wouldn't match and Klima portion of the MAS Controller would cut off the compressor; correct?

So, as determined earlier today with my wife depressing the accelerator in neutral (risky) to 3000 rpm while watching the temp guage stuck in the center vent rise from 60F to over 90F and I visually locked onto the compressor watching the it spin, the clutch did not disengage.

Since I currently work for an Emergency Generator Service Company, I'm somewhat familiar with alternators, current, regulators and their operation. However, after a complete (triclke) charge and the voltage over 13.0v, it still happened. I have deduced the need for a larger alternator, but for now, this one is working. I suspect the reason voltage was down (mentioned in my first post) was because of the aux fans being on nearly constant. The tricking resistor has been removed for now.

Saumil I thank you very kindly for your input. If you're out of ideas, is there anyone else out there that can offer a suggestion or diagnostic. As someone else said in another thread, "I throw my self at the mercy of this forum and its collective knowledge".

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