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Saumil - I will make an appointment tomorrow at the local shop to have the pressures checked on the system.

Brewtoo - I started the car, let it run for about 5 minutes, confirmed the vent temp at 60F, ran the rpm up to 3k for about 20 seconds while holding the suction line. It was cold and remained cold, but I wouldn't be able to make ice cubes with it. I returned the engine to idle and looked inside the car to see the vent temp guage close to 100F!

So, maybe it's not refrigerant related. What now? Why is this issue rpm dependant? I could understand it if it was a under load with vacuum near zero, but it's not. I can accelerate hard, but as soon as I get over 3k, the heat cometh.

This is a strange one for sure. Your help is appreciated.

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