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Ron D. Harriman
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Originally posted by jcyuhn
That's definately the vent, and it looks exactly as you have described on all the Benzs I have owned.

Access is always a problem. It was easy on my 123 chassis, extremely difficult on my 210 chassis, and is impossible on my 124 chassis wagon.

The only option may be to drop the differential to get access. As this seems a bit much work simply to clean the thing, don't think I'd do it unless there was a specific problem to address.
Am I ever glad to have had the feedback above from you two!

Dove in today and gently prised the closest crimped edge up
(actually the only edge I could get to -- you're right, there is
a severe access deficit). The vent cap popped up and off.

Out in the sunlight, it looks like a circular cap that's been
crimped down to a triangular shape. Just stamped metal.

The screen part of the vent is, I assume, still in place. I can
see a bright lip of metal at the top of the vent cylinder, and
by reaching (all the way around from the front of the diff, ugh)
I can palpate what feels like screen material on top.

Other posts about the vent have said things like "soak it in
diesel to clean it up," and such. Does this screen come out?
Or the entire vent cylinder?

I've reached around and up with a clean shop rag and wiped
the top of it. No nasty matter present, just light gear oil in
what looks like good condition.

Ron H
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