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My 300SE problem - update

Last week I posted a message about my 300SE that cut out and refused to start again. We charged the battery and it started, but everytime I engaged a gear, it would cut out again.

I got the car towed to a local garage. I went to pick the car up today and they said that they checked the fuel pump and it was ok. They had the injectors out and they were spraying fuel, and there was a spark from the plugs.

After they put it all back together again, it started fine and there has been no problems since.

Although when I stop at traffic lights I can feel the car shaking slightly as if it is going to stall.

Could this still be the fuel pump relay, even though the actual pump is OK?

I'm going to take it to my Mercedes tech later this week, unfortunately I couldn't get it towed to him at the time of the breakdown.

Thanks for the help,
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