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Central Vacuum Locking System - W140

My '92 300SD (W140) appears to have a problem with the central locking system. The fuse box in the trunk, circuit 11 has a blown 20 A fuse. I replaced it and it immediately blew again. This circuit is for the central locking system and misc lighting.

Is it possible that a short circuit is now causing the fuse to blow or is it more likely that the central locking system pump is locked and over amping the circuit.?

Before I buy a new pump (if needed) and I dissect the car in search of the culprit, I thought I would ask the experience of the forum. If inspection is required of the pump, which I believe is located under the back rear seat, I could use some advice on the rear seat removal as this seat is fastened to the body in a different manner then the usual two clips located at the base of the seat.

A checkout procedure etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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