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Well...I didn't get the car. The mechanic said the car looked like it was in excellent condition, but there was a problem/short with an airbag sensor. The part was $1800..yikes! The mechanic said the airbag could be bypassed, but this would of course leave it inoperable and the airbag light would be on constantly. If it was just me, and I didn't have to worry about my son, and I wasn't clear across the country I would have went ahead with the purchase. Unfortunately, however, I do have these other things working against me, and I was also running out of time to find a car. I reluctantly purchased a 1997 Nissan Maxima just yesterday after looking at a lot of sub-par w124's out here. Once I get back on my feet financially after my recent divorce, I will be back on the lookout for a nice w124. This is the only reason the car wasn't purchased, and anyone in the area should really consider the vehicle. I know if the moons were aligned a little better I would be driving it right now.

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