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Cause of a warped rotor?

My car is a 1994 SL320 with 100,000+ miles.

Recently I have developed a pulsating thumping noise coming from the left front wheel. A local INDY diagnosed the problem as a warped left front rotor. The rotor is OEM and has never been resurfaced. A brake inspection 2500 miles ago indicated everything was OK. Pads appear to be good for another 10,000 miles. Does anyone know the cause of a warped rotor? Lugs not properly torqued? What is the correct torque? Excessive heat on front rotors? I drive like an old lady. It seems like the problem is always with the front rotors. I have never heard of a warped rear rotor.

Thanks in advance,

Scott - rnysl320
1994 SL320
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