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Warped rotors are common. The cause is a combination of wear, which thins the rotor, and heat due to friction. The front rotors more commonly warp since the braking system is usually designed to apply more force to the front. "Riding" the brake pedal down a long hill can get a rotor very hot. Thermal expansion and contraction of the steel rotor occurs. There are metallurgical changes that occur in steel when it is repeatedly heated (high) and cooled. Over time this causes the metal structure to be non-homogeneous, or inconsistant. Thermal expansion/contraction then could result in slight warpage. Does not take much, and you feel the pulsation. Turning or grinding the rotors "true" is a fix, but it is usually temporary, as it makes the rotor thinner, and does not change the altered metallurgical structure. I don't thing lug nut tightening will effect warpage. Replacing the rotors is the best fix.
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