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No wiring harness problem in '90 300CE

There is no wiring harness problem in the '90 300CE. This is well documented in the archives. I have a 1990 300CE, and it is an excellent vehicle at 141K. I am updating it a bit with Euro headlights, and expect to keep it a long time. I have compared it to '94 and '95 E320 sedans, and it seems more solid. Part is the heavy door compared to the sedan's door, and part is the impression I have that MB started compromising somewhat on quality from somewhere in the 1993 to 1995 time frame on. My only problem are some leaks, which I am working on taking care of shortly. I think that the car is very good looking, very well proportioned, and better looking than the sedans, which may be a little more practical with the bigger back seats. But the good looks, quality, and great ride have won me over.
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