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W126 slip ring question (560SEL)

Ok, I was bored tonight, so I decided to get the slip rings out of the wheel since they need to be replaced. Glad I RTFM, I thought they just popped out, thanks to the manual I learned I had to disassemble the steering wheel.

Judging by the depth of the indentations in the rings, I'm surprised the air bag went off when the crash sensor got hit. I mean these grooves are deep. I can see why the horn didn't work. Unless if the pressures of the bag deploying caused the grooves...I don't know.

Any way, I'm sitting here with the slip ring unit in hand. According to the book, I was supposed to disconnect the horn wires. There are two double wire sets. One set, the wires join at a single connector, that one slipped off it attachment post easily. The other set, go to a sort of dual post attachment. I cannot pull the connector for the life of me, nor can I pull the connector for the air bag wires. Can anyone tell me if those wire sets are a permanent part of the slip ring??

Second, the only part number I can find on the ring unit is 126-464-05-17. PartsShop doesn't show that as a current part number. Anyone have the correct/current part number for the slip ring assembly?

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