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Don't worry about your 0 to 60 time. I have a 1977 450slc that will go from zero to speeding ticket as fast as any car on the road. Because these cars are so heavy they time off the line is poor but they will go from 40mph to 130mph a lot faster than you would imagine.

My car is not very good on fuel and the prices quoted for parts and labor to work on the injection system will stop your heart. That is why I intend to install a 5 liter Ford in the car in the next year or so. Get more horse power, which I really don't need, better milage, and much cheaper repairs.

The slc sells for about half what the sl goes for. I don't know why since the slc is a much more stylish looking car and certainly safer. Mostly you buy an slc just because you want one. In the long run you will never make money on the car.
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