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The 500E's armrest must be different in terms of ease of removal....the back joint is cemented somehow and better left to a shop...or someone who has done it before. The piping is able to be re-glued by heating up a razor blade and melting the two loose ends, fusing them together.

Micheal, that's funny that you went/go to Redan...Ken Kelly is a family friend of Sherry's Dad and he did much work on his 3 old Vettes and a couple of my cars previous...although, after removing and a thorough proper cleaning and conditioning...I won't need a new looks just fine save the few cracks where they all wear....I'm just going to Colortek to have them restore the tan leather at those points.

Of course, I broke the dry-rotted plastic that covers the 2 nuts...fell apart actually soon after I looked at it...

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