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I have a SL600. As to your statement, "runs just fine" I am almost inclined to tell you to stay away from a dealership or any mechanic.

In the alternative, although my car needs a mechanic with more expertise, I will only let a master's Mercedes mechanic touch my car for anything other than routine maintenance. That being said, my regular maintenance I have done by a Mercedes specialist.

He charges about 100/hour so you can figure out how much a tune up will cost. "Tune" I think is an outdated irrelevant term nowadays, but i'm no mechanic.

I would just change plugs, oil, trans, brake, coolant flush, etc. and see how it runs, should still "run just fine." With your mileage, you should also investigate timing chain replacement, not cheap, but essential.

Hope that helps, email me if you have specific questions.

I have a local indie that I "trust". That means alot, although I don't think it would be much more to go to stealership, but I don't trust them generally for obvious reasons.
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