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My entire 300sdl will shake when at idle.
I brought it into my Mercedes certified Mercedes Mechanic.

He check the car's compression, injector pump, listened with a stethescope etc, but could not find any problems.
He stated my motor mounts were shot, and that that could be causing the car to shake more than normal.

I replaced the motor mounts, but still the car shook at idle.

I then had all the filters replaced, and still the rough idle persisted.

My mechanic said he sees this on higher mileage diesels, but was the first time to see it on one with 80k that was not in need of some sort of repair.

Is he missing something? Has anyone had this problem and has success at correcting it?

I love the car, but the shake at idle is unpleasant (to say the least) and seemingly out of character for this car.