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Your problem could be, as someone previously suggested, in part due to a faulty expansion tank cap or a bad cap gasket. Try a new one ( not too expensive and always good to have a spare) or have the old one checked and also clean the metal part on the tank opening. The engine may overheat and loose coolant with a faulty cap. Pressure testing the coolant system is the way to go for your problem once you have ruled the cap out. Does you rcoolant have the right mixture? 55%coolant/45% Water is the most coolant you can put in there to ensure optimum cooling and antifreeze qualities of the coolant. Too much lowers to boiling point.
Copper plugs are the way to go!
A sulfur smell in the exhaust may indicate a bad O2 sensor or cat.
You may also try to fiddle with the air/fuel mixture manually to get it absolutely smooth.
Good Luck!
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