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Mark Herzig
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Talk about bad karma! last evening, I went for a long drive and at a stop light, on the way back, my 300SDL went into 'bucking bronco' mode. It felt like the engine was 'missing' (maybe not a proper term for a diesel). Once I started driving, it was OK. This morning when I started the car, it started doing the same thing. I already had my 500E at the mechanics, so I took the SDL in also! I thought the car would stall out on the drive over, but the ride smoothed out once I started driving it idled OK. My mechanic thinks the bearings in the tensioner may be breaking up. He says they can fall to one side and cause that sort of problem. I'll post the actual results once I find out for sure. I had my timing chain checked about 4 weeks ago. He said it looked OK.

Mark Herzig
1992 500E (82,000 miles)
1986 300E (181,000 miles)
1987 300SDL (104,000)

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