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The Aston is in staggeringly good order: better than new. The motor has been taken out to 4.2litres by renowned Surrey specialist R S Williams. I think this gives it circa 300bhp. For a late-sixties motor car, it is FAST! And the owner drives it as intended.

Interestingly, the wagon is a great drive, too. I took it for the last 20miles cross-country and kept up with the Aston running in the 40 to 60mph range (where appropriate). Holding the gears in the (5spd) autobox (mainly in 2nd and 3rd) to keep the revs above 3,500rpm, it really flew. It has the Sportline chassis, so it is a good handler, too. The big capacity straight-six motor sounds great when wrung out, a lot like the Aston, in fact!

I'm trying to persuade my wife to let me buy the wagon, but it's not on the cards. Just for you Pete, here's a better picture:

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