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Sounds like your actuators are just in motion at first start. The good news is they work. You will find that the AC system is probably the area that will give you the most trouble as a 560SL owner. You will find the actuators you are hearing are prone to trouble and replacement requires removing the dash. This is a very expensive and difficult job and unfortunatly there is no preventive maintenance on these, They are totaly inaccesable.

Just remember what I said about age. The first time this or anything requiring dash removal happens to you replace all 7 vacume actuators as well as the little temperature sensor hose and anything else you find going astray. Then you will be good for another 20 years.

Other AC problems are the pushbutton unit. Expect to replace (or repair if your able) that every 3 years or so.

Dont let me scare you. Aside from the AC the rest of the car is bullet proof.

John Roncallo
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