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Tired & Totally Frustrated

My 190E has been idling rough and hesitating when I accelerate. I took it in last month for a tune up, new fuel filter, new air filter, new rotor, and a fuel injector service. That helped for a little while and then the same problem came back. In the mean time I had to have the catalytic converter replaced and another tune up. At tune up #2 the mechanic told me I needed new spark plug wires and that would take care of my problem. I put the new plug wires on and it's still just as bad as ever. Tonight while I was sitting at a stop light I noticed that my oil gauge was fluctuating in time with the rough idle and while taking a turn on a steep hill the engine started to cut out.

I've spent $1,070 on car repairs and diagnostics since the beginning of December (my wallet can't take anymore of this) and I'm getting really discouraged because it seems like I'll never get this car running right.

I know there could be a million and one causes for the problems that I'm having.

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