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560 SL Missing/Hesitation/Rough Idle

I know there are about 10,000 posts on this and I have reviewed many, but they don't seem to exactly address what is going on with my 87 560SL. I have about 100,000 miles. Within the last 5,000 miles - new wires, cap, rotor, EHA, plugs, chain tensioner, brakes, etc, etc. Now I am getting an intermittent hesitation and very rough idle. Car starts everytime. Idles very roughly - almost feels like it is going to stall - kind of embarrassing because the entire car shakes.....totally not the Mercedes-Benz way. But sometimes, it is just fine .
Based on the posts it sounds like it could be injectors, fuel distributor, fuel accumulator, fuel pump, fuel filter or a big vacuum leak. I would prefer not to throw parts at this we all know Mercedes isin't exactly giving them away! Any input on how to test to atleast narrow down would be very helpful. I am leaning towards injectors, as they seem to deterioate around 100,000 miles. If I step on the gas, engine revs and seems to be fine - which is why I am leaning away from fuel distributor/pump/filter. Any help is appreciated.
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