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Diesels need three things to work - heat, compression and fuel. If you have overhauled engine and it is mechanically sound - you have compression. If you whip it over with 24v - you have heat buildup from the repeat compressions. The only weak link left is fuel. Check your fuel shut off circuits - also check for an air leak in your fuel delivery as it could cause fuel drain back and the pump will have to try to build up fuel pressure again. The leak may be present when the engine is hot and not cold but enough fuel is delivered while the car runs and when turned off - fuel drains back causing hard starting. When the car won't start - check if your injection pump is actually putting out fuel. Other than that- did you change the fuel filter? If the engine is turning over like a banchee and won't fire - you are not getting fuel - find out where. That is all I can suggest.
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