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For whatever reason I sometimes take a more cynical view of Stealership mechanics which have led me into giving it a shot. My backup is a very good indy who fled the Stealership circuit specifically because of high prices and poor workmanship.

Classic (older) car front end work -- aside from alignment and jigging the chassis post-accident -- is certainly DIY. As in all things, do your homework and find out the steps involved (Haynes, other DIY manuals, this and other forums), ID any special tools you might need to rent or make, and get quality parts. Be certain of torque specs and which bolts get ThreadLock. While you will lack initially the "tricks" of the trade to speed the job and will certainly get filthy, at the end of the journey there will be the double satisfaction of knowing YOU did the work and that all steps in the protocol were followed.

Please follow strict safety procedures; flat hard surface, solid jack stands, get a buddy to assist, etc.

You can do it. Good luck.

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