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Chris S.
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I have a '87 300E with 150,000 miles and the MB Tex interior, and personally, I am glad this car has this interior. There is not a single sign of wear on this interior, and I guarantee that if it had been leather there sure would have been some blemishes. Also, about 90% of my friends who do not own a mercedes think it is leather anyway, so why tell them it isn't. If you do get the car, make sure to clean the vinyl well with a mild detergent and then apply Vinylex (made by Lexol) to it. Vinylex will prevent the armrest from cracking seeing as it gets alot of abuse in most benzes. My armrest is absolutely perfect, so in my opinon the stuff works. Now to answer your question about the problems to look for: 1. the thermostat housing was originally plastic, and that wears out over time, but only costs about $60 to fix. 2. the radiator neck on the top left of it is made of the same plastic and it also wears out, requiring a new radiator, about $300. Both of these things wore out on my car at about 130,000 miles, so you probably won't have to worry about it. Other than those two things, my car has been perfect, most people think it is a '92 model, if that tells you anything. In my opinon, by the car, it is quite possibly the best all around mercedes ever built. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at