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W210 wouldn't start, bubbles in fuel lines

I went for a drive today, added about 7 gal of fuel to an almost empty tank and stopped at walmart. Just before stopping the car seemed to be idling somewhat rough. Upon my return to the car it would not start I immediately suspected a load of bad fuel. I pulled the primary filter and it was clean. Then I noticed air in the fuel lines. Not just one but all of them. When I tried to start the car it would just pop and sputter, occasionally running for 5-10 sec. at 4-500 rpm. Immediately upon shutdown the bubbles would come back as if the fuel were draining somewhere. No puddles under the car. My guess is bad O rings on the clear fuel lines. I have had it towed to my Indy and that is what he will check first. What do you guys think? Possibly a bad lift pump, injector pump or just leaky fuel lines?

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