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Update of check engine light

The check engine light came back on yesterday.

Even after I addressed both problems, the d*** light came back on.

Oh, Lord, please have mercy on my poor soul.

I think I'll start a poll. It may go something like this:

Paul has a check engine light that won't stop coming on. After spending over $2,000 hand over fist to prevent one stupid emissions related idiot light from coming on, he should now:

A. Take a sledge hammer and beat the car.
B. Take a sledge hammer and beat himself over the head.
C. Go ahead and remove the idiot light one more time and pretend like it's not even on.
D. Take it to the dealer and see what they say.

I don't know what codes popped up this time. I'm going to wait a week or so to allow me some time to regain my composure.

I really don't know if I should continue to throw money at this problem. Both independent mechanics say there is nothing wrong with the car, no reason for the light to come on. They think that there are some MB's where the light comes on inexplicably. My pefectionist / anal retentive / obsessive compulsive nature tells my this is a cop-out.

Any ideas?????
Paul S.

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