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Originally Posted by rick surgent View Post
Guys, Im looking for a wagon, preferrably 3 seat, I'm in nj. If the rust isnt to bad I think this one would be ok for around 2k. Snow is your red one still for sale? Don , how bwd is your rust?? Rick
Mine ends Monday, no third seat, structual rust has been cut out and new metal welded in. This took a lot of time last summer and I will never do it again. I'm actually getting good at it, making up templets, cutting, welding, etc... but it takes time and is hard on my 44 year old body. I've got 3 kids, twin 2.5 year old boys and a 7 year old daughter. If someone came to me with a car and said hey do this for rust repair and paint it for $600 I'd say ya right. FYI, my reserve is only $1,600 on my car which seems fair to me. Its a good beater wagon for someone who wants to experiment with WVO and is here:
Selling 1985 300TD parts again to generate $$ for Suburban conversion. Picture of parts here
1985 300TD engine/auto tranny, crossbars for sale!
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