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Originally Posted by muleears View Post
Leak was visible running down the block from behind the IP. Tech said the banjo bolt there was wet.

Parrot: The front belly pan has been removed, rear still in place. I have not noticed any drips from the car previously.

Could this be related to my ongoing hesitation problem? If my car were sucking air into the fuel lines somewhere during hard acceleration it would make it hesitate and surge like it has been wouldn't it?

I thought most of the fuel lines were under pressure not vacuum
Pretty sure that line is on the return rather than feed side of things.
The lift pump creates a vacuum that draws fuel up from the tank.

Is always best to fix any leak that you have first as they are commonly related to other problems. Hopefully what began as a nagging surging issue is now a failure causing the sudden rough running/stalling and a new o-ring will fix both problems.
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