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Bigger problem

Originally Posted by FRANKNBENZ View Post
I would take a moment and try to determine how yours failed. Overtightening of the hose clamps could do it. Maybe you have excessive engine wobble that could have fatigued to failure what might have been already poorly installed. Check your engine mounts and shocks.

Good luck.
Interesting that you mention this. Just a week before I had the engine mounts replaced because I *was* getting excessive engine-wobble. The plastic piece might have already been breaking at that point, but it sure didn't finish breaking until after.

However, now I have a bigger woe.

I replaced the plastic T connector with another plastic pipe. It broke within 36 hours; seriously. It fractured inside the hose portion running from the engine to the connector. I was again brought to a halt in a cloud of steam.

I left the car at work and the next day returned with a metal 3/4-to-3/4 piece from Ace Hardware. It wasn't brass, but was some sort of pot metal. I figured, however, that it wouldn't break -- something else would break first.

Well, apparently "something else" did break.

I have a leak under the front of the engine, general vicinity of the water pump. It's a steady leak that doesn't really seem to change much whether the car is idling or shut off entirely. It's a fast drip -- not quite a steady stream, but close.

Did I blow a water pump gasket? ... Was there somehow too much pressure on this system? Overfilled with coolant maybe? ... I try not to do that sort of thing, but I'm half-moron sometimes when it comes to cars.

Anyway, the leak seems to be above the oil pan and somewhere beneath the thermostat housing, sort of in the vicinity of all the belts and pulleys. That sure seems to be water-pump-vicinity to me. I guess I need to get it to somebody who can lift it and maybe they can figure out better than I.

Or should I just buy a set of ramps and go about replacing the water pump and gasket and see if it stops? Advance sells a remanufactured Beck-Arnley for $35 and a new one for less than $60. (I see from other threads the fasteners are hard to reach and easy to round-off if you use the wrong tools.)

-- 1983 300D, acquired 10/19/2005 at 215,000+ turbodiesel miles ... engine croaked almost immediately ... back on the road at 217,210 with a 144K turbo motor from a donor '85. ... May 2007, replaced radiator. ... Now (2/28/08) about 240K miles and dead due to battery?
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