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Originally Posted by muleears View Post
Leak was visible running down the block from behind the IP. Tech said the banjo bolt there was wet.

Parrot: The front belly pan has been removed, rear still in place. I have not noticed any drips from the car previously.

Could this be related to my ongoing hesitation problem? If my car were sucking air into the fuel lines somewhere during hard acceleration it would make it hesitate and surge like it has been wouldn't it?

I thought most of the fuel lines were under pressure not vacuum
Engine is in the front. Fuel tank is in the back. Pipes between the two. Check them.

I suggest you get some Gunk or similar, and scrub the underside of the car clean. Drive it around for a few days, and then go back under to see what is leaking.

Diesel leaks are easy to spot, especially when they land on tarmac - they don't go away for weeks.
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