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I had the same issues (almost)

If the leak is coming from the thermostat area, it might not be the water pump. The thermostat housing is attached to the block with two bolts (near the EGR valve) and has a gasket. It could be leaking from there. Another leak source is the short inch and a half hose that attaches to the thermostat housing. I know Phil here has this hose as he just sold me one.

A water pump leak would be at the front of the engine right below the pump. It would seem to leak and then stop leaking at random, at least mine did that, as the pump rotates and the weep hole is sealed and unsealed. To check this, put a bunch of clean paper towels right under the water pump.

With a cooling system like yours, and as mine was, it seems that every weak link you replace only reveals the next weakest link. I ended up replacing all my hoses just to be sure of them. Of course, once I did that the radiator blew, but replacing that is actually very easy

Good luck!
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