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What has happened, is that the last brake work was done without doing a cleanup pass on the rotors. Replaced pads only. When the car was turned over to the female owner I'm sure it was with the words of "It's fixed" No Cautionary words of wisdom for the first 200-500 Miles.

She proceeded to drive as normal and the pads didn't bed in as expected. The new pads hit the high points of the rotors and hot spotted do to the small surface area now available to rid the energy. Now the rotors and pads are both needing attention.

My orginal question was to find if people were using a different pad than OEM. I've used the factory pad before(ATE's in this case) and it continues to be a dust machine.
Good pads otherwise. Pagid's have great heat buildup resistance/ Low fade but squeal like Ned Beatty, if you know what I mean.
Metal Masters work good (Low Dust, Great Stopping power) for me in 2 MB installations but you should use new rotors.
Performance Frictions work great but take a second to warm up. Low dust, Squeal and Heat buildup.

Second question was "Is there a aftermarket source for Rotors in general?" Most of the suppliers are buying from the same OEM as MB sources their parts.


PS This car pulls unbelievable on the big end. didn't have a chance but what's the top speed on these, 133mph limited?