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How do I remove & then realign headlight assembly (W124)?

Did the search on this forum and it did not address all of my concerns. CD service manual does not either.

My 1993 - W124 right (passenger) headlight assembly is not properly installed from the previous owner. It is pushed in a little from the side and does not fit even with the fender like the drivers side. The top next to the hood protrudes foward more than the assembly on the drivers side. Questions:

1. How do I remove the yellow side marker?

2. How do I remove the painted metal strip under the assembly?
(I see the one next to the grill, but how to accsess the one next to the fender?)

3. (hex bolts I have located) I see the two adjustment bolts next to the grill. one holds the metal trim strip and the other is a hole in the frame. I see the big plastic one on top of the assembly. How many more bolts hold the assembly? How do I get to them without bending anything?

4. On reinstallation, which bolts do I adjust to align and get the proper fit?

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