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!975 280se fuel problem

I own an Australian W116 1975 280se 6 cylinder twin cam.
The previous owner had fuel tank pressure problems because the pressure release valve located near the front of the left wheel arch had seized.
He disconnected and sealed off the line going to the valve from the tank and drilled a hole in the cap to let off pressure. This works OK except there is always fuel down the side of the car and it always smells of fuel.
I have purchased a new valve and have been also informed that there is a charcoal cannister in the engine bay. the line out of the pressure release valve is suppose to go in there and then a line from the cannister is supposed to go somewhere in the manifold.I have bought the cannister but there is no where to fit it as I was told that it mounts next to the radiator. There is no room there as that is where the transmission cooler is.
I am wondering if this model actually had a charcoal cannister as it might have come out just before the antipollution controls.
Also where exactly does the line from the pressure valve do into the manifold.
And when I unblock the breather line from the tank fuel comes out.
The car runs extremely well and economically but I would like to get this right.
I hope you can help
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