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Question 87 560SL - a different door lock system issue

I searched for this particular issue and nothing specific came up, so:
I have a 1987 560SL and after I unlock the car, I can hear the vacuum pump in the back still running, even after the vehicle is started. I checked w/o starting and it stays on for about 30 to 45 seconds. Another experiment was to try to re-lock using the key just after unlocking the car, and I could not turn it to lock against the pump straining to keep it open! When the buzzing stopped, I could lock it again. So the source has been identified.

The question is whether this is harmful and/or indicative of a pending failure of said vacuum pump. The car still locks & unlocks, so if this is just one of those “560SL things”, I’ll just leave it alone. Hopefully the MB CD shows the location of this gadget in case I need to replace it. Thanks to all for your time.
Kevin Arburn
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1987 560SL
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