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Well, my car has 123k on it. I bought it at 119,000 and took it for its 60k service. Also, I have all service records. So, after he tells me this I go back and look at all the 30 and 60k services. In EVERY one, (in the materials portion of the ticket) it says 6 qts oil, 3.5 qts ATF. (The fractions of quarts may be diff., but it is close).

So, from that it certainly does NOT appear that they changed ALL the fluid. Also, on the 120k it DOES list the trans filter but does not list ANY ATF fluid. It IS full, however.

I asked the guy because sometimes my 2nd to 3rd shift has a little bit of a moan/groan type noise for just a second. So, he was wondering about dirty fluid.

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