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Just a note about silicone grease

Silicone grease is a totally different animal from petroleum grease. Petroleum grease consists of hydrocarbon polymers, whereas silicone grease consists of silicone polymers (polysiloxane).

The benefits of silicone grease are: good dielectric properties, non-corrosive, excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, superior hydrolytic stability and water washout resistance, broad operating temperature range (-70F to 400F),
chemically inert and compatible with a wide range of substrates. Thus it is a great substance for lubricating rubber bushings, rubber window guides, protecting rubber seals, lubricating o-rings, lubricating electric contacts, door locks, throttle linkage, etc.

Please note, however, that under high force metal to metal lubricating conditions (wheel bearings, gears, etc.), silicone grease does NOT have superior characteristics over the correct petroleum product. For those lubrication needs, a good quality petroleum grease, or a synthetic petroleum (hydrocarbon) grease is the best.

I use silicone grease for many, many automotive and other applications....almost all related to lubricating/protecting rubber parts. But dont use it where petroleum grease is the preferred product!!

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