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Originally Posted by joedee View Post
Hi, Is it possible to replace the lower A-arm bushings without removing the entire A-arm on 75 450SL? Tks, Joe R.
Yes, it's possible, and yes it's dangerous as all hell. Even with a spring compressor. I did it on my car because I didn't want to take apart the whole wheel assembly. It took three jacks, two jacks stands, two spring compressors, lots of wrenches, assorted screwdrivers, a large pry bar (I used an axe) and a 5 lb. sledge to get the control arm back in place with the new bushings. It took two days, and it's NOT easy.

I later found out that a Firestone repair shop local to me would have done the whole job for $300 labor and when I do it again for my second car, I'm taking it in to them.
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