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MB Dealer Prices

Well let me add my .02 worth to this thread . I buy a great many parts for the Old MB I own plus the ones I work on for friends. It has been my experience that unless you know the parts manager at the Dealer really well they will not give you any kind of discount on the parts that you by from them. Just recently I needed a needed a Harmonic Balancer for my 240D. This is not a part that most MB part sellers carry so my 1st call was to the local MB dealer. I have dealt with this dealer before and bought the same part from them less than 3 years ago. Well the the price that they gave me was $ 75.00 higher than the last one. After that quote my next e-mail went to Phillip here at Parts Shop. He not only answered my e-mail in less than an hour on a sunday, his quote beat the dealers price by at least $ 55.00. When I received the part it had the MB casting mark just like the original one did and it was in the original MB box. I think most MB dealers think that everbody that owns a MB makes $ 200,000 a year so they can charge what they want to. With that in mind I will always shop out the parts that I need from all the good aftermarket suppliers that I have come into contac with.
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