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Dear Friends,

I've got two little gripes with my diesel Ferrari.

1) When I first bought my 84 300D it (incorrectly) had a three pin indicator flasher unit installed. I recently swapped this for a two pin cheap one from K-Mart. Every now and then the indicator's interval between flashes decreases significantly making my car look like a disco from the early eighties... Help!!! Could the flasher unit be simply dodgy or could there be a more seious auto-electrical problem like a faulty voltage adaptor? (Might this explain why they put a three pin job in to slow the rate down?)

2) I understand the 123 series uses a vacuum-driven central locking system. It looks like I have a small leak somewhere because my car's central locking mechanism only works immediately after driving (give or take a few minutes). Is there a place where the leak is likely to be or could it be anywhere along the mechanism? Suggestions please!

Thanks in advance and thanks to this sites organisers for their excellent work!

David Rayment.