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As a seasoned mercedes brake installer (300cd, 85 turbo diesel, 300sl, and 30 years of porsches, I can offer the following tips. I always replace the wear indicators, use white grease on the back of the shoes and the edges (sparingly). I drive the pins with a large nail with the point filed off. I compress the pads with paint stir sticks or cresent wrench handles. Be sure you have removed the master cylinder cap off or you will have a difficult time. always look for fluid leaking on calipers and scratches on the disk. I never resurface disks. They are reasonable to replace as opposed to having a thin disk which would not take as much heat before it warped. You have saved a lot of money doing it your the best brake pads you can. I have taken to wearing rubber gloves when working on brakes over the last few years. Good luck!!!
Tom Swafford
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