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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
You offer a vehicle on e-bay that was recently in a rear end collision that has effectively totalled it, and you choose to ignore this fact in the listing?

You can be assured that you won't be selling it to someone on the forum.........and, I'd advise you to pull the e-bay listing or you're in for some nasty feedback if and when it's sold.
Actually, I was very open about what happened to this forum, and asked for advice. On person actually recommended that I pull out the hits so it would get more $$$s in the sale. I chose to not do cosmetic bodywork, figuring that THAT was more reprehensible than simply showing the car in it's true condition.

Carfax has the accident report, so it's a non-issue re: buyer. Finally, feedback happens after the purchase, and it realtes to the sale, not the condition. For instance, I bought a car on ebay a few yeasrs ago that promptly needed thousands of dollars worth of work on the engine. My feedback was excellent for the seller - after all, it's not his fault that the engine needed work. I'm sure that my excellent feedback over the last 6 years will not be impunged by a buyer not noting the dents and dings, however small and large, etc.

It's a nonissue since I've noted the rearend.
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