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Ricky, it sounds like your car is haunted and it misses you if you don't drive it every day! Just kidding.

I spoke to MBUSA customer assistance last night, after hours. I was told that the document I was referring to (MBNA 30/4) was NOT a recall, but a Technical Service Bulletin. So even if my car fell within the range of engine numbers, MBUSA would not be responsible, because my car is out of warranty. After I understand this issue a little better, I'll still appeal that position. Meanwhile, I'll call the customer assistance line on Tuesday during business hours to speak to a technical rep.

My question now is: My car's chassis number is within the range of the TSB, but the engine number is 79 numbers higher than the range. Which is the correct version number EACM for my engine? The version K9 that is installed, or the (later) version K10 that is specified for the (earlier) engines in the TSB? I would assume that K10 is correct, and according to the symptoms that are addressed by the TSB, it appears that swapping to a K10 should solve the problem. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

Meanwhile, I'm heading to the Kragen store for some electrolytic grease and fuses.
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