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Old 05-06-1999, 03:32 AM
Lee Scheeler
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I'm kidding....the etching from the highly damaging bird droppings is a common problem. The first step is washing, which you have done. After that I would take a bit of Meguiar's "show car glaze" and go over the area by hand. If one or two applications of this does not do the trick you may have to resort to the Swirl Remover. I seriously doubt that you will need more than the polish. How many hours was the offending substance on the paint? Did your car have a good coat of wax on it before the bird bombed you? You might also try a "clay rock" of either "Mothers" or "Clay Magic" brands. I recommend using Meguiar's #34 Final Inspection as the spray on lubricant whichever clay you use. Best of luck and if the above does not do the trick let me know and I'll get back to ya with the next level.