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Chris Ecklund
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yes you read that right race fans, In pulling out from a corner, I actually lit up the back right tire!!!!!!

And of course the ASR light came on immediately, and put the brake on that tire, and stopped the wheel spin.

But wow, when that turbo kicks in, the torque is amazing.

I talked to the Head Tech at Mercedes-Benz Canada, and he said these diesels are governed for Canada at around 210-220, but in Europe, he has heard of them topping out at 240. I have had mine up to 160, and I can tell you it was not even breathing hard, so I fully believe that it has the legs to do this.

What a wonderful engine, it has a number of firsts I believe it is the first with 4 valves.

What I would like to know more of, is the Garrett Fan on it. Anyone know of more tech info on this little beauty?