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Hi everyone....My '93 E220 W124 stalled at the lights yesterday. I have just replaced the OVP after confirming that I had the "old" part. As the car still stalled, the old one was obviously working.

I have read through some of the previous postings and it seems that quite a few items could be at fault, namely fuel pump relay, check valve/accumulators, fuel filter, mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, a/c idle sensor, idle control valve, idle speed valve...

Unfortunately, I am not familliar with the location and identification of these parts, hence I don't know where to start! I'm sure there are many members in the same situation, and the thought of getting the local garage to fix it on a trial and error basis puts me off somewhat. If I can at least rule out some of the above items, I may be able to save some dough!

Can someone please suggest what I should check next, now that I have tried the OVP......I am prepared to buy myself a Haynes manual or something like that ....
As an aside, my previous 190E 2.6 cost me a bomb trying to fix a similar stalling and overheating problem, and in the end in sheer desperation, both mentally and financially, I got rid of it for a new Passat V6. I still misses it but I still cannot understand why a Benz is built in such a way that what seems like a minor problem can be so difficult to fix. My current E220 has done only 75000 km and I don't recall any other of my previous cars, japanese and european, ever had the problems discussed in this fantastic forum. I am convinced now that maybe a Benz is only for those who are cronic tinklers :p , and if they are not, then one with a healthy bank balance

Maybe I should try and transplant a Toyota/Subaru engine and electrics into a Benz and maybe then I'd have my perfect car! :p
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