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I agree with many who question Mercedes
quality today when compared with the 70's
and early/mid 80's. One cannot but notice
the daily problems with cars made from 1986
to the present, especially the newer ones
since 1992. I bought my first MB (220D) in
the early 70's. Then on to a 1975 240D, 78
300D, 80 300SD, 83 240D, 82 300SD, 84 300SD.
I bought a 1987 300SDL and a 91 350SDL.
I kept the 87 and 91 for a total of 1 and
half years total. There was constant nick
picky problems;they were always back to the
dealer for repair/service. I honestly do
not think I had nearly as many problems with all
of my 70 and 80's diesels put together. I
love Mercedes, but years ago there was NOT
the problems that are constantly mentioned
here or by others who own the newer cars.
My technician at the MB dealership (who has
worked on MB for 35 years) agrees completely.
I ignored his warnings twice...when I bought
the 300SDL and the 350SDL. BTW, I currently
own a 1984 300SD. At 223,000 I had it back
at dealership once for an breakdown: vacuum
pump at 201,000. I have driven the car
140,000 miles myself!