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Made the 35 mile trip fine!

The engine runs great. Tranny is noisy when cold, but shifts fine. Both rear brakes got toasty hot. Started messing with the rust and then the voice in my head said NO MORE RUST NO MORE RUST! That and I saw that the lower support for the radiator was so rusted that the radiator was ready to fall out. I hate to do it to a wagon, but its being parted out. Haven't decided if I'm selling parts or what because most likely someday I'll have a very clean wagon and parts are only going to get harder to find. I think it was worth $500. I love taking things apart so this is a great outlet. 7 pages of pictures here:
Notice full yard:

Selling 1985 300TD parts again to generate $$ for Suburban conversion. Picture of parts here
1985 300TD engine/auto tranny, crossbars for sale!
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