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Old 05-06-1999, 07:06 PM
Bob Cavazos
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My windshield washers don't work. I've pulled the connector from the pump and looked for 12v while someone activated the switch--no voltage. Leads me to believe the switch is bad.

I've had the steering wheel off to replace a dash light and noticed a couple of snap rings and allen-head bolts on a plate under the wheel. Is this the way to the switch, or do you fold back the rubber housing surrounding the blinker stalk to access it?

If I must remove the plate, is this pretty straight forward, or are there some traps to watch out for? Do the snap rings need to be removed, or just the bolts?

Once I get to the switch, is it repairable, or must I replace the entire blinker/WS wiper/washer switch unit?

Any info will be apperciated.