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Originally Posted by ctaylor738 View Post
That's correct, you can't see the relay in your picture.

Replacing the fuses is a good idea. But keep in mind that the FP relay is unfused, and powered directly from the battery, via connectors C101 and C105. It is always hot, so if you mess with the wiring, disconnect the battery first. You can remove the relay without disconnecting, though.
I can't locate it. There is nothing else there except vacuum elements behind/under the glove box.

There is a relay held in place by a 8mm nut, but that is in the middle right side of the picture. That relay, however does not exactly match the relay I have as a replacement (it has 5 pins and is silver, where my replacement has 6 pins, is black and states rpm voltage etc.) but it does match the size and does fit into the female cable (but one of the pins on the replacement is put into non-hot (no elec.) hole).

Any other suggestions? I cannot locate this stinkin relay.

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